Royal Perth Hospital

“Thank you for the time you took to show us the range of beds your company
supplies. We found the meeting very informative and helpful”

Signed: L.B.


Grace McKellar Centre

“I believe the training was carried out in a very professional manner by
both yourself and Leslie and has been a success”.

“Ultracare was scrupulously honest in their quotation to you”

“Ultracare was extremely fair in their pricing as this is almost identical
to the US pricing”

Signed :S.M.


President of MECTA Corp

“I am delighted with Ultracare over the last fifteen years of doing
business with them in Australia”.

Robin H Nicol.


Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre

“Thank you for the effort and skilled service you provided last month in
dissembling, transporting and reassembling of the Pro Balance Master and

Signed: M.O


Royal North Shore Hospital

” I’m most grateful for your time and co-operation in providing ongoing
education. Many thanks.”

Signed: HRV


Standards Association of Australia

“The enclosed Australian Standard is presented with the compliments of this
association in recognition of the contribution you made to its development.”

Signed: JRP


Dialysis Society of Australia

“It seems that whenever the Society is in trouble you inevitably are
required to help bail us out and I hope that we do not have to call on your
services to such a great extent in the future. You are indeed a friend to
the Society and we are indebted to you.”

Signed: ALB


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